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Your local livestock equipment dealer

Western IA Distributing

Western IA Distributing is your local resource for livestock handling and feeding equipment.

Trusted Brands we sell

Pride of the Farm® feeds and waters hundreds of thousands of animals in the USA, Canada and Europe. Pride of the Farm® manufactures heated drinkers and energy free animal drinkers, hopper bottom feed tanks and confinement swine equipment. Customers include the very largest cattle feeding and hog production operators.

Gallagher offers quality electric fence, watering, and livestock scales equipment for your farm operation.

Located in Texas. We build every piece of livestock handling equipment with the rancher in mind because we’re ranchers, too. We believe that when it comes to working livestock, the focus has to be on the animal and the operator. That’s why we continue to lead the industry with innovative equipment designed to reduce stress on you and your animals while withstanding time, usage, and your livestock.

Werk Weld Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality cattle feeding equipment. Founded in 1982, we specialize in utilizing our over 50 years of agriculture related manufacturing knowledge to provide products that are unmatched in durability and strength.

West IA Distributing sells repair parts and new equipment from Franklin.

Stronghold replacement parts are available from West IA Distributing. West IA Distributing has been involved with Stronghold for 25 years.


Our Story

West IA Distributing has been your local livestock handling and feeding equipment dealer for several decades. Raising cattle in Northwest Iowa ourselves, we understand the needs to today’s livestock farmer. Let us go to work for your farm operation.

AVAILABLE Livestock Equipment

Product offerings

Keep your farm operating at its best with livestock equipment from West IA Distributing!

Livestock Waterers

Nothing is more important to your livestock than water to drink. Keep your livestock investment in the best condition with equipment from West IA Distributing.

Livestock Fencing

We offer livestock fencing for most animals including horses, beef, hogs, sheep, goats, and chickens. We also have penning and handling equipment.

Livestock Feeders

West IA Distributing offers a wide range of feeding equipment for most livestock operations.

Livestock Fly Control

Keep your operation comfortable and profitable with the best livestock fly control equipment and supplies.


Latest News

Check our website often for news, promotions and information on upcoming shows!

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